Shizuoka & Nagoya Gourmet Fair!

We are pleased to present our next regional promotion РShizuoka & Nagoya Gourmet Fair! Located in central Japan, also known as the Chubu Region, Shizuoka & Nagoya have very unique local food flair that is found only in their respective prefectures, which we will like to offer to you at SUN.

Touted as the Home of Mount Fuji, and a Gourmet’s Paradise, Shizuoka Prefecture is a food utopia blessed with nature’s abundance. Sakura Shrimps are¬†fished off the waters of Suruga Bay, the deepest in Japan. The mild flavour and unique texture of Sakura Ebi is highlighted in different styles in our Chef’s creations, featured in Kakiage and Kamameshi. Additional unique produce that are included in our menu include, Japanese Whitebait, as well as Shizuoka’s pride – sweet Musk Melons.

Unagi Mabushi

Our key ingredient focus for Nagoya prefecture is mainly on Hatcho Miso. This unique soyabean miso is fermented for 3 years and has an intense colour and a rich savoury flavour. Also, popular dishes such as the Nagoya Style Tebasaki and the Unagi Mabushi Don is made available by our Chef.

Shizuoka & Nagoya Gourmet Fair will be available for a limited period. We will like to thank Shizuoka Prefectural Office for their kind support.