Starting today, celebrate the abundance of Spring with the Grand Trio of Beef, Chicken and Pork prepped in various styles from grills, fondues to shabu shabu!

We are really beefing up the game here with our 3 kind steak platter Steak Moriawase filled with Beef Ribeye, Beef Tenderloin and Kurobuta! Noteworthy items also include Wagyu Harami Donburi, and Mozzarella Cheese Shabu Shabu!

This menu is bound to satisfy the carnivore in you so meat you at SUN!


2018 Jan & Feb – Water Sales Donation

We apologize for the slow updates!

Breakdown of donations:

Jan 2018 – $543.90

Feb 2018 – $497.10

Our guests at SUN have accumulated a total of $1041.00 from our water sales which has been donated to CPAS! Thank you for your generosity!