Okinawa Summer at SUN!

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Beat the heat with our latest Okinawa Summer promotional menu here at SUN!

Okinawa’s cuisine style has it’s strong influences in mainly Chinese and some US regions, due to its long history as an independent Ryukyu Kingdom, with extensive port influences – discover homestyle stir-fries of bittergourd, spam and eggs, Taco salad, Soy sauce and Awamori braised pork, and Okinawa Soba.

Savour the best of what’s on offer, with fresh produce such as imported Umibudo – Sea Grapes, Mozoku – Seaweed and Shima-rakkyo – Fresh Shallots, Shima Tofu, alongside delicious ice cream flavours of Sugar cane, and Okinawa Sweet Potato.

See you at SUN!