Gomoku Gohan by SUN with MOON

Introducing SUN with MOON’s new virtual brand: Gomoku Gohan.

‘Gomoku Gohan’  written as 五目ごはん in Japanese represents the five core ingredients that make up the basis of their signature flavoured rice, which are shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, carrots, chestnuts and burdock root.

Redefining convenience in the midst of a pandemic, Gomoku Gohan is a virtual, delivery-only concept centered around the one-pot wonder of the heart-warming and comforting Japanese dish of 5-ingredient mixed rice. Japanese short-grained rice is steamed together with the five integral nutritious ingredients and lightly seasoned with Gomoku Gohan’s exact proportions of sake, soy sauce, katsuo and konbu dashi to achieve its signature flavoured rice bowls with options of pork, beef, chicken and/or seafood, alongside a mouth-watering selection of tasty sides. A wide selection of Snacks such as Tori Karaage – Japanese style fried chicken is available at affordable prices, along with Japanese snacks such as Edamame, Dashimaki Tamago, Teriyaki Imo Mochi, Yakisoba and Nori Fries. SUNTORY C.C. Lemon and TEA+ are also available for self-pickup and delivery.

Whether ordering in for a #StayHome treat or gathering with friends, Gomoku Gohan presents an extensive yet fuss-free menu of Bento, Donburis, Unadons, with a myriad of choices for different tastes. Now open for orders at Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Oddle. View their website at https://gomoku-gohan.business.site for more details on their location and more.


Renovation Notice – March 2021

We will be undergoing renovations from 1-31 March 2021 and will reopen from 1 April 2021. Do take note of the SUN Membership/Birthdays/Vouchers extension! See you again from 1 April 2021 wih a brand new look!


Okinawa Summer at SUN!

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Beat the heat with our latest Okinawa Summer promotional menu here at SUN!

Okinawa’s cuisine style has it’s strong influences in mainly Chinese and some US regions, due to its long history as an independent Ryukyu Kingdom, with extensive port influences – discover homestyle stir-fries of bittergourd, spam and eggs, Taco salad, Soy sauce and Awamori braised pork, and Okinawa Soba.

Savour the best of what’s on offer, with fresh produce such as imported Umibudo – Sea Grapes, Mozoku – Seaweed and Shima-rakkyo – Fresh Shallots, Shima Tofu, alongside delicious ice cream flavours of Sugar cane, and Okinawa Sweet Potato.

See you at SUN!


Grand Menu Renewal!

Every year, SUN with MOON refreshes its Grand Menu selections to ensure that the quality, flavours and value of our food is maintained consistently, and reasonably. For this year, the core of the new Grand Menu is to expand our selections to our guests. We have kept existing old favourites, alongside new menu items, which have been carefully selected by our Executive Chef, Mr Toshio Sawai.

See you at SUN!


Celebrate The Best of Hokkaido Delicacies!

Join us for our 12th Hokkaido Fair at SUN!

Dig into Hokkaido’s signature delicacies without having to travel all the way to Japan! This March, Sun with Moon celebrates the enticing food of this well-loved tourist destination by bringing Hokkaido regional specialties to you.

Not only famous for their beautiful snow-capped peaks and hot springs, Hokkaido is also a foodie haven well known for their abundance of fresh seafood and agriculture. Tuck into regional specialty items such as Hokkaido Ishikari Nabe, Zangi items, local potato mochi, Genghis Khan (Hokkaido-style yakiniku), and many more!

See you at SUN!


SUN with MOON 13th Birthday Bash

Join us at SUN for our 13th Birthday Bash and win up to 30% worth of dining vouchers based on your total bill! Simply throw a dice to determine your winning amount!

Vouchers won can then be redeemed from 17 September to 11 October between Mondays to Thursdays! See you at SUN!


Charity Water Sales – March to August 2018

Thank you to all our guests for their contribution from our Water Sales!

Here is the breakdown of donations per month from our last update:

  • March – $593.70
  • April – $515.40
  • May – $624.90
  • June – $528.60
  • July – $634.50
  • August – $634.50

Our guests at SUN have accumulated a total of $4572.60 from our water sales which has been donated to CPAS! Thank you for your generosity!


Double Points May!

Enjoy double points when you visit us at SUN with MOON from 14-17 May 2018! Remember to bring along your Membership Card, or login to your Membership portal at http://bemss.jp/sun/ to earn double points during this exclusive period! You can call us at 6733 6636 to make a reservation, or visit us at https://reserve.toreta.in/sunwithmoon/#/ to make your reservations online in advance.

Additionally, SUN with MOON will be amending our Terms & Conditions of our Membership starting from 1st July 2018. Adhering to new accounting guidelines, all SUN Membership points will have a 1 year rolling expiry starting on your next visit at SUN, after 1st July 2018. More information will be provided within the month, and we highly encourage all Members to redeem their points within 2018/2019.

See you at SUN!



Starting today, celebrate the abundance of Spring with the Grand Trio of Beef, Chicken and Pork prepped in various styles from grills, fondues to shabu shabu!

We are really beefing up the game here with our 3 kind steak platter Steak Moriawase filled with Beef Ribeye, Beef Tenderloin and Kurobuta! Noteworthy items also include Wagyu Harami Donburi, and Mozzarella Cheese Shabu Shabu!

This menu is bound to satisfy the carnivore in you so meat you at SUN!